Pandawa Beach

For those of you whos love vacation in the island of god Bali, This time Bali has new tourist spot is the Pandawa beach. Located in the most popular tourist area call Jimbaran kutuh district of South Kuta-Bali. Pandawa Beach also known by the name of the beach kutuh, located 15 minute away from nusa dua. The beauty of this beach has really good potential to be made tourist attractions, with this reason the local government started to construct the access to get to this place in the from of roads along 1,5 miles approximately to the beach past the high limestone cliffs. In the way to get to the beach is unique, intersting and majestic cliff flanked that has been cut to use as a way to access this place. Pandawa Beach named puppet character as Panca Pandawa. Panca Pandawa is self taken from the great story of Mahabarata, Therefore when tourist entering the beach area they will be greeted by a statue Five Pandawa and for each statue name is : Arjuna, Nakula, Yudhishthira, Bhima and Sahadewa. The fifth statue carved with beautiful and unique sculpture are stored in the limestone cliffs that have been in the holes.

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