A Magical Wellspring in East Bali | Tirta Gangga

Welcome to Tirta Gangga is a beautiful park with huge water fountain and wide pond located at abang sub district, Karangasem Regency in east part of Bali. Tirta Gangga park is built in the year of 1948 by the Karangasem King of Anak Agung Agung Anglurah Ketut Karangasem. Before this park is found, there is big wellspring found in thus area which the local society believe that this water come from the land is holy spring Therefore they call this place is Embukan means wellspring. According to the local believe that this wellspring functioning as a bath place for the god and also used as drinking water for the local community from the nearest village. Therefore this wellspring is sacrificed by local people and keeps the park naturally. The King Of Karangasem has got an idea to improve this park into a good looking, and now it becomes one of the pavorite tourist destination in east part of Bali.
Tirta Gangga also featured by the wide public pool with the cool and clean water where it can be used for everyone whos visiting this place. It is situated on the foot Abang Hill with cool temperature in particular night or morning time. The lush tropical garden are well surrounding the park and big fish ponds are running away at another ponds to give the impression for every tourist who pay to visit this beautiful park. Some buildings and other decorationare intentionally made as according to the spirit from Puri Agung Karangasem (Agung Karangasem Palace), so it can be said that between Tirta Gangga Park and Sukasada Park (Taman Sukasada) which is located in Ujung countryside is a union.

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